K - I - F - S 


Whether you’re posting pics in your favorite outfits, promoting a brand, or just showing the world your style,        K-I-F-S encourages anyone to just be themselves & show who they are through the clothes that they wear!


With the Instagram Community continuing to grow at an amazing rate, many users have come across whether it be our hashtags or our page. As the movement continues to grow, collaboration with your favorite brands along with the ones you would love to find is of high interest. Fashion is what you make of it!

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K- I - F - S

From music videos to fashion shows, clothing has been an object that doesn’t  only express a person, but can also tell a story. It describes something, our film series puts more focus within the smaller aspects by taking pieces of what we see in entertainment everyday. With films, commercials, and many others, various qualities are taken from each, make our projects unique while encouraging everyone to express themselves through their own appearance!

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