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The “Ready” EP & what it means to me

For me, this project represents a new chapter in my life where I move to a spot of focusing on making myself known, maximizing my skillset and utilizing it with creative content.

Prior to this project I was in a phase where I was developing myself & getting to a point I was comfortable with as far as the foundation of my brand, and what I could do for it went.

Now that I’ve achieved that it’s time to be free! “Ready” gives some visualization of what that process was like and how I feel now. It’s basically an appetizer for my debut mixtape “1 & the same”. Something I didn’t want to drop until I felt that I knew exactly what I wanted to represent in my brand, what I wanted in the industry of entertainment, and who I would cater to as an audience. Once I figured that out, I came up with the name “one & the same” due to the my artist and brand title of “Kfresh” being mainly represented by me and a fictional character who lives in an another universe. I then went and got beats centered around that vibe, energetic, with a mix of other elements that could allow for a story to be told while giving the same feelings that corresponded with my various interests in fashion, music, art, games, cartoons, etc. This will be my favorite project released and probably will stay that way for a while, haha.

We’re here! I feel “ready” to take on the next step of this process towards becoming the next superstar that no one could compare many to. A guy who is killing the game with what he brings to the table in ways no one has seen or hasn’t seen in a long time. That is where the name “Ready” comes from. And as a Hip hop/pop artist, I made sure to mix elements of both in there, as I will be doing the same in the full mixtape.

I Hope you enjoy it! :)

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