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I.F.S. Future Plans

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

IFS is something I’ve put on the back burner for longer than I would like but mostly due to myself making sure my foundations for other things are set up how I’d like them to be first.

IFS (or Insta fashion series) is a short film series that basically implements modern day music( & eventually classics) with fashion... but with a more professional and creative touch to it. All genres...essentially it would be developed into something for various brands to use as a promotional outlet and more. IFS includes short films showcasing fashion whether it be tops, bottoms, jewelry, etc.(basically the things that you already see in these fashion ads on tv) but stepping it up a notch....eventually implementing Kaiden as well as other Characters (both CGI & animated fashion films within that universe), along with other models male and female showcasing outfits for new entertainment content that might’ve already been seen before BUT this would be a fresh & brand new way of doing so. It could also be used for labels or independent artists to push their music to audiences while using it in the short film’s project.

I have actually already written down plenty of IFS short films that myself as well as some Kaiden would be in...(mostly for my own creative purposes) but I don’t see this happening until far down the road unless I got a huge fluctuation in budget and contacts, haha.

This would not only bring significant hype , but once IFS eventually would open up to more models and music/other submissions things would really take off exponentially from there.

But for now I do what I can with the budget & time that I have, and making sure to write down ideas I have for this in the future as it’ll be another huge game changer within by brand & KFK ent.

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