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KFWORLD April Update (Reupload)

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So I’m planning on getting a little more active on this section, whether it’s writing down my own thoughts towards something, going into details on parts of my life (for better understanding) that some may wonder about in the future, and as well as plans that I’m working on for later.

One thing I’m pretty excited about is a new section I’ll be adding onto the website. Basically a spot where I am able to be a little more transparent with people in regards to my journey towards mastering digital art(or at least getting to a place where I feel I can create whatever I’d like professionally...without feeling like more of a noob than a seasoned digital artist...I’m definitely growing closer to that daily!)

For now, it’ll probably be called the “Artwork” section but I’m sure it’ll change into something more suitable once I’ve thought up a good name, haha. School has been a pain in my ass lately (lol) so expect all the things mentioned above and more, just not as fast you might be used to.

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