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Kaiden x Kevin ( & KFK)

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So KFK is a brand name I thought up this year that basically holds over KfreshTV & IFS fashion. Two things that I plan to develop much more down the line once things start to pick up and I’ve grown a large enough salary along with a developed team(for now Ive mostly written down the future plans and have done what I can at the moment while balancing my other commitments in developing myself)

Onto the subject of Kaiden x Kfresh.

“Kaiden” is an original Fictional Character created by me who exists within the Universe of the long discontinued cartoon series, Danny Phantom.


K x K (Kaiden x Kevin) is a series that’ll usually be used for IFS. For now it’ll likely consist of Kaiden being drawn in various fashionable outfits with cool basically Kaiden being a fashion model but within his universe. Later once things start to develop and my salary/Budget exponentially increases I plan to develop this into much more. Although I will be showing most of it rather than dropping all of my plans here, just know we don’t plan on stopping at just photos(or art work), CGI, Short films, & so on will start development in the future.

I’d say I’m confident I’ve got a few groundbreaking ideas (that I’m sure have already been showcased by others at a lower level) that will create innovative new ways of fashion in the future, and entertainment! ✊

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