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Kaiden who is he, and the plans I have for him

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

This guy and the idea that came to move forward with developing him has to be one of my favorite and notable decisions. The way this character came about was inspired by my fascination of the show. To me, it was so unique. A ghost boy superhero learning his powers throughout the series with exceptional abilities. I just found that stuff so different from many other shows I was growing up with.

I then decided to base some of my brand off of an original character where I would eventually teach myself digital (& some traditional) art just to give myself the freedom to create whatever I wanted. At least until I would be able to afford to bring on a team that I can work with to get a lot more higher quality content out more often and more efficiently.

Not only was this something I wanted to do, but it would be a perfect gateway into expressing myself, & telling a story way better than I would be able to to from my own limits as a human. From what history has shown, and from the many experiences along with people I’ve seen discuss this, I’d say it’s safe to conclude that animation especially within characters, is always able to express more emotion and give a deeper understanding into things than any live action/human could express. This isn’t something I’ll get too deep into but it didn’t take long for me to agree with ones who side with this statement as I saw proof pretty easily when I did general comparisons along with live action movies vs. the animations.

With that being said, The idea for Kaiden made me even more excited to get him going because it was in that moment I believe I found my standing out factor for my entire brand. Implementing him in my fashion, music, & content creation endeavors! The more I looked into it, the possibilities really seemed endless!

After that, I found ideas, & inspirations popping from so many different angles, I was eventually forced to start writing things down and organizing my thoughts(even though it took some time before I got used to making this a habit), simply because (at least in my head) these things were setting up to be some iconic ideas that obviously couldn’t be implemented all at once but overtime down the road of my career.

That process of manifesting those ideas would only exponentially increase once I grew a team & a salary/budget that would make these ideas into reality...the world runs on money after all... & you definitely can’t do it all alone(nor is it any fun doing it alone either lol)

To say I have a lot planned for Kaiden, Myself, this brand, and beyond would be an understatement, but one thing’s for sure, this character will definitely play a key part into making them a reality. Along with him, and the inspiration I take from that show & many of my other favorite animated shows as a kid, I see a future to develop myself into not only an entertainer that no one has seen before, but also someone who has grown into a person that inspires countless people who has worked his way to being the most iconic in the entertainment industry as a whole in this day an age.


Next to DP, other cartoon shows that were definitely up there for me was , Kim Possible(the same artist who created DP), Dragon Ball (all of em), Ben 10 (all series except the latest one lol), Pokemon(the D&P & Kalos Episodes), ATLA(avatar) & Bakugan. I also enjoyed icarly, Victorious, & Drake & Josh.🥸✌️

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