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About the “Out of Reach” EP

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

This project, stands as a representation of myself transitioning from period of time that I was putting out some real emotional music. Music that gave details/insight into my dedication, struggles, trust issues(no pun), and so on. With “Out of Reach”, although you are still going to hear me getting into emotions on music from time to time in the future (something new for me to rap/sing about in particular may arise) , this 4 track project gets me back into a more “having fun with this stuff” vibe rather than a “I’ve got a serious story to tell, and emotions to get out” sound... if that makes sense.

In summary I am a new person who is looking to get fun with the music again after about a year of releasing singles and a 3 part EP series that lets people understand me, and my mindset, & maybe a little about themselves or the world as a whole too.

To add, I’ve always wanted to implement a space vibe into one of my projects, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity after hearing a few beats and getting this exact vibe once finishing the project. :)

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