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Explaining the TF EP Trilogy

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

All 3 are connected as you may already know, I originally had these songs together to be one project but decided against it. Trust Issues, Nothin Personal, & Human Nature, all represented different state of minds I was in when expressing my thoughts through what I wrote down with the same general topic at hand, what I learned through my experiences & how that molded my current state of mind when dealing with my own life and others.

Looking beyond all of the happy and fun stuff, you can really find a story and explanation, and that doesn’t just go for these 3 projects either of course.

I feel like most artists go through phases like that anyways, where they express themselves and you’re really able to tell they aren’t just doing music but really speaking to you. I don’t see myself really pushing this entire trio project for promotion, but more so to use it as a reference for people to understand my way of thinking, how I view the world, and what led up to this truth I hold for those who decide to listen.

Something that I’m sure many would agree with but just haven’t expressed it to the extent I have when listening to the music.

Super excited that they are out, and it honestly feels like I giant weight of emotions that have finally been set free!

I can’t say I’m truly at peace until I’ve manifested certain things I’ve wanted to leave behind in my legacy, but being blessed with the opportunity to get this far and release these three particular projects that will live on timelessly, definitely makes me feel at ease whenever I remind myself of that fact.

Previously released songs like Buford story, or Phantasm give some insight to my inner emotions but I would say if someone wants to know most of what their looking for about my story in music, you’ll likely find it in this EP trio, “Two Face”.

I hope you enjoy!

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