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(Artwork) The story behind: Out Of Reach

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Opening up with Kaiden & friends looking towards the sky generally represented new heights that are still left to be reached. But it is also a call back to when I used to(& still do from time to time) stare up into the night sky many times while I was in High school, looking to the stars whenever it was a clear night. I would always be amazed and reminded of my insignificance when compared to the universe itself but also motivated to make sure I didn’t leave this planet(reach the end of my lifespan) without having something iconic and everlasting that the world (and beyond that if space travel ever became a thing) would always remember me by & develop off of.

It made the journey of developing my brand from the ground up with the visions I had, that much more exciting. With help along the way, I was always at the forefront of pushing my vision forward raising my brand like it was my child. As I’ve said before, up to this current point, I would never call myself “self made” where my brand is concerned (I don’t think anyone truly is) but I would definitely fall pretty damn close to it when thinking about every step of the way from start to finish where I made sure I was heavily involved whether I was getting help I may have needed in something. But I digress.

The 2nd shot of Kaiden being in space represents a place where I may not be exactly at the level I am aiming for as yet, but I am most certainly at a point of no return to my former self and I am nothing close to what I was before from a knowledge, & skill level standpoint(my personality of course most likely won’t change). In summary I have evolved or changed into something new, a better version of myself.

The name “Out Of Reach” comes from the fact that for many people who may have been in my life as acquaintances or someone not as close aren’t able to get in touch with me as easily anymore. Essentially representing something that not only new celebs go through, but really anyone who is just on a totally different mindset when compared to themselves a year or so ago.

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