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Kfresh: The Brand, Business, & Values

Like many successful people, businesses, bands, you name it, in most cases they started at the bottom with nothing. As far as growth goes, that’s where things typically differentiate as every situation, or circumstances that had to be overcome, stand at various levels of difficulty. This leads me to touch on The brand of Kfresh and its values.

As I started with the stage name “Kfresh” years ago, and now in present day, still working hard towards that exponential growth(as I write this October 3rd 2022), the internal feeling of gratefulness continues to maximize. But grateful for what? Grateful for having the mindset that pursues and craves personal growth. This includes increasing my knowledge to improve my own endeavors, while living through enough to where I am 100% confident in how successful and magnetic this brand I am building will be.

This mindset of looking to learn from the mistakes of my own and others, alongside the values that others have to form my own, is something I couldn’t be more grateful for. It allowed me to instill and/or avoid these within my own business and entertainment career.

Starting in music from influential & popular artists like Drake, BTS, Bad Bunny, Lil Baby, Blackpink, Anuel, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and sooo many others I could name, it becomes apparent that when you truly study these artists and see what makes them iconic, or loved and respected my the masses, it comes down to a few things. All of which I have implemented in my own way to what I do(or plan to do once I am financially able to do so).

Looking at drake, 2 things that stand out to me(among other great aspects) has been his versatility & willingness to go into new sounds and lanes while in many cases succeeding in doing so. Of course some might say other aspects play into that(like luck, and having a level of fame) and while that may or may not be true, for me, it comes down to what he made a decision to do.

Another example has been BTS, and once again I could say many positive things but 2 of them that really resonates with me is not only their elite level of content(visuals, videos engaging with fans, collabs), but also their (and their teams) VALUES. Which is huge, being talented is one thing but combine that with some other positive aspects I’ve already mentioned and you have a superstar(s). These 2 clips Sum them up perfectly and are one of the many things I make efforts to implement into my own brand to stand out.

I would definitely go into more detail Beyond these two artists but maybe I’ll save that for an in person interview one of these days. The two I’ve mentioned give a general idea of how I try to form my brand around and bring meaning to the slogan “Ambitious Behavior”.

From creating Kaiden, to working towards fluency in 2 additional languages to implement in my music, interviews, and so much more, these are only a few points on how I plan to stick out as an African American kid who started with nothing to the name Kfresh. Both of my parents worked hard coming from Jamaica to get here and give me a great opportunity to chase and make the visions I believe in a reality. I believe (among other things) that I have something here where they will take a look at one day and say that they never would have imagined it to have gotten so big.

All in all, Being unique by adding my own personal touches & taking inspiration from others(as they’ve done from previous artists) is how I plan to build an empire. An empire not mostly for myself, but more importantly for the fans and people who look to add their great ideas within brand itself. Eventually reaching a point where one day I may not need to add much myself because the name “Kfresh” has broken past the threshold of only needing to be moved forward by a single person. Something that I can take a step back from one day knowing its values remain the same and the content continues to push what I’ve called “Ambitious Behavior” not only through the people within, but with the fans, keeping a close connection and listening to them as it continues to develop exponentially.

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