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Kaiden Ghost Form Explained [Update]

So before HN(Human nature EP) I was still figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with Kaiden, and fast forward to today, the vision is a lot clearer but like most things, it doesn’t start that way.

I wanted to make his primary powers similar to Danny Phantom while having his own unique qualities that made him….Him….that’s typically how I saw it work. Implementing the Opal (my birthstone as I’ve mentioned), and its unique qualities it gave Kaiden, I knew that I had laid the foundation towards something nice.

It excites me to just think about his potential and things that can be accomplished as he has been fully integrated into the brand. I’ve written down many stories and plans that I have for him for the future and if you are reading/listening to this, keep in mind that many things you’ll see will have been plans that were made years in advance while I was mentally envisioning all that I wanted along side other things!✨

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