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Adressing Music Videos

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The lack of music Videos(currently) partly falls into a reason I’ve gone into detail earlier (Large scale ideas I tend to have), but I’ve also come to realize that another reason can be considered here...

As I’ve mentioned before , I tend to have visions and ideas for music videos that are usually required of having access to a good amount of money in order to bring to life...for that reason I’ll typically write these ideas down in detail so that I may use them for another time when I’m better suited to make that vision come to life. Not downscaling it because of a financial problem.

The 2nd reason that has been considered recently is actually something more simple, it’s that I’m simply not focused on putting efforts towards one. Not all of my songs accompany a huge idea that I have for the visuals. And even some of those same songs, have smaller scale ideas I’ve written down as well. But as of right now I’ve put most of my attention towards other things I’ve been building like my overall brand, character, skillsets, & so on.

As of current I have 2 of them out but there are definitely many more I’d like to do that aren’t on that big “grand” scale movie level(examples being like music videos you typically see from pop stars, American,Korean, etc. & certain hip hop artists as well).

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