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Spending time with family

It’s something that I have to thank my own willingness to frequently self reflect & reality check myself for. Not mention my appreciation of putting aside time to absorb information from youtube videos that expand on that belief of the importance of cherishing time with loved ones and not getting too lost in whatever it is that life has our attention on.

I’ve always understood our mortality, but just being aware of it & making the effort to adjust your life (however that may look) around that fact are two different ways of going about it. For a brief period of time, I would let myself get so focused into my craft I’d make myself believe that I couldn’t even spare a few minutes to just enjoy the presence of family or friends or even occasional acquaintance/stranger talk.

But like everything else, I’ve the learned the importance of having a balance of things in your life. That Putting too much time into one thing can easily lead to negative consequences (at least from my experience). Doing it to a point where you have little to no time for other important things. A few things important to me was, Family, My health(staying in shape, & eating right), friends, & a little time to relax.

Of course it is apparent that I am far from where I’d like to be financially, and in achievements, and I am working obsessively to get there, but it should also be known that there are certain things I can’t leave out as my life would fall apart from an imbalance. I’m certain that had I continued in that stage I was briefly in, It would’ve led to depression, regrets, and probably me gaining weight and carelessness for my overall health.

I’m thankful for what I have, and remind myself of that in those moments I feel an imbalance… knowing that I can quickly (at least for now) figure out and adjust myself accordingly to understand when to turn the button on in focus mode & usually enjoying solitude, but to also know when I need to take some time to spend (or just catch up) with what’s also important.

Living in this way…..for me(I don’t like speaking for others lol), has allowed me to live a life with no regrets up to now. Learning the cards I was dealt in life and how I can maximize them in keeping my peace and drive has been a major key to this feeling of living my best life while I continue to bust my tail for an even better one for myself and for others.✌️💯

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