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Mastering My Emotions

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

It’s worth mentioning that there are many times where most would get irritated at certain things while I was at work, I would usually be able to keep my peace. This came from finding what I enjoyed in life. This led me towards the understanding that with most irritable things for many, it wasn’t worth giving my energy towards as it was likely a temporary thing.

I would say, finding inner peace has been the key to (for myself at least) maintaining good health, a driven/focused mindset, and an overall positive or open-minded outlook on life & people, reminding myself that I never know what someone’s been going through or what they have going on in their life regardless of what I see or experience interacting with them from a surface level. Even if I have a bit of understanding of what’s going on in their life.

Having experiences i witnessed myself & recognition/control over my emotions allows me to know when I want to expel energy (or need to) for the reason of defending/arguing something that’s within my control(which is less likely nowadays).

This includes knowing when the possible outcomes/change of narrative aren’t worth the effort as no one can strive to please everyone.

With this, I’m more often than not, a calm and collected person, being able to think clearly, whether I’m under stress or not. I have the many different jobs I spent working in the past to thank for a good chunk of this, a few of those were Chik Fil A, Longhorn, and Sam’s club, lol.

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