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What is my ultimate goal? Final Destination? What do I want from life?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My “ultimate” goal is something I don’t mention much outside of my music as I believe it’d be much easier to show rather than explain. Once I’m nearing that spot though, it’ll definitely be easier to give an explanation at that point. It is a big one for sure though, & keeping that vision in mind is one of the things that push me forward.

I won’t leave you with something as vague as that though so I’ll say this, I hit my goals daily, & occasionally I have to remind myself that. From whether it’s working towards a music video or animation concept I have, or something bigger as getting a dream car or personal chef, I make sure to work towards them all on a daily basis. One of the main ones for long term that I have is to be one of the greatest if not the greatest entertainers across the entertainment industry as a whole. Or To rephrase, the “best” known individual who actively works (worked) in the industries of acting, fashion, music, and creation of content in general.

A thing I always aim towards & that coincides with my final plans is working towards being iconic...and separating myself rather than only being known as a musical artist, fashion model, actor, content creator, etc. This was where the idea for a cartoon representation of myself stemmed from.

Danny phantom was my favorite show growing up and one thing I don’t think I have personally seen(it might already have been done but it’s not my aim to copy them of course) is someone bring in a cartoon character similar to themselves and make it as big as they are representing their brand side by side. Uzi vert is definitely someone who I’ve seen use a cartoon character of himself that grew pretty popular in the style of Steven universe. Another example could be the band “Gorillaz” but their focus at least from what I’ve seen is on the characters, & not so much on the actual human individuals they represent if that makes sense. My focus would be on both and understanding how to balance the two to make a standout & successful brand.

I feel The goal should always be to aim towards being original as possible but never lose yourself & forgetting that nothing is ultimately “original” except the earth itself(stolen from a quote lol). You create your own thing by dragging pieces of inspiration from numerous things and making it your own. We all utilize it differently. Some would call it a “gimmick” but I wouldn’t call it that personally depending on what your intentions are of using a cartoon based counterpart character that stands alongside your brand.

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