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My Mindset(More in Depth) Pt 2/2

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Everything Else (Outside of my Highschool/College):

Getting to this mindset and developing it started from finding my interests and going back to where it started. After I decided to take some time and really find myself, I started re-watching some shows I enjoyed growing up, both cartoons and real life(icarly,Drake & Josh etc.), playing in recreational sports I enjoyed, and…some gaming haha.

I then took the things I learned from that, & created my brand from them l and used my obsession to turn it into something I was proud of without focusing so much on validation from others…in other words, I stopped giving a f**k and did me lol.

I’d say to myself, “when I’m truly ready to start REALLY promoting my shit(because of course you’ll naturally promote the work your putting out as a developing artist) I’ll know”

I’m currently reaching that point now. It’s a great feeling to know when you feel ready, and all you’ve worked for finally starts to pop off, it doesn’t come as a surprise and I’m ready for what’s to come seeing that I’ve learned from many others who made it themselves and trained my mentality in advance to take the pressure and not be phased. Part of that came from Personal development and the other from personal jobs I went through in the past (working at chik fil a, Home Depot, Costco, longhorn, etc.) . Those things build key characteristics in you that’s being explained in this very write up. Characteristics that I feel are extremely helpful in moving through life in peace once you attain them.

The things I’ve taught myself to be experienced in(that many I’m sure would wonder why I’d go to such lengths) from Adobe software like Photoshop, premiere, After Effects, and illustrator, to photography, animation, building my website, lyric videos(up until May 2021 lol), giphys, and so much more in general entertainment & content creation, all stemmed from me wanting to be big in the entertainment industry. Originally starting as only wanting to be a big fashion model, it developed into pushing for more than just that.

My original intentions of learning digital art, animation, editing my photos professionally, etc, was to just do it until I could afford to pay a team of people to do it for me consistently on the professional level I was looking for. But I eventually found myself enjoying it(once I got the hang of all of that shit of course). At first I really didn’t understand how people tackled those kind of things until I stayed at them and figured a lot of them out around the same time, and got good enough to where I was comfortable putting out my own work that looked professional. Now I am able to choose when I’d like to task a professional and pay them for a project or if I’d like to do it myself, and until I have a consistent team of people, I can balance between those two options I currently have.

This falls back into my obsessive mindset since this phase of my life molded me into an individual that is for the most part, fearless towards challenges as I’ve taken on my fair share of things that looked impossible to get good at from the beginning. So much so, I recently have been less fearful of tackling a language or two(currently going after Spanish & maybe Japanese or Korean in the future to at least be decent in them).

But yeah, Currently my mindset is at the best point it’s ever been. Going through many different jobs in whether it be customer service, heavy lifting, food, I’ve been able to have an open mind towards people and how everyone’s upbringings and experiences, have formed their way of thinking. And with knowing all of that, along with me knowing my purpose, it enables me to not take temporary issues seriously. This mindset(at least with my experienc) ensures one won’t get irritated or affected by negativity nearly as much as the alternative.

This has also made me understand that there is always something new to learn, or a new outlook on something to hear. It’s great, really. And it’s precisely why I have no real regrets in my life seeing that it’s brought me here, and formed me into someone who knows when to block out the noise of negativity and open up to constructive criticism, (if that is ones intent) and relay a response that doesn’t immediately dismiss it….even if of course I decide on whether or not it’s of use to me or is relevant to my life from my own respective judgement.

All in all, I understand our finite lives, and our insignificance when compared to the universe, but also why it is important to work towards a life you are proud of before you go, whether you want to be someone remembered by many or few or none, or whatever it is, as long as you are going after your own respective goals in life, I feel like that is something that will likely be respected by someone.

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