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The Story behind “Love Song” & how I’ve gone about relationships...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My process with this one was actually kinda funny because My mindset going into this was originally about the exact opposite of what I was discussing in the overall song.

If you notice, everything up to the “thought this a love song but no” would lead a listener into thinking “oh yeah i know where this is gonna go”. But I decided to switch it up mainly because I saw this as an opportunity to bring up something less talked about rather than usual stuff. And that’s getting with a girl once or twice, and then avoiding anything that would make it more than what just happened, we had some fun, and now we’re moving on.

For me, I don’t see myself in a relationship anytime soon not only because of the things I’m after and focused on but also the fact that has been made clear that most relationships these days and especially with our generation don’t seem to last. Is that a bad thing? Ehhh, overtime I’ve seen different angles to look at the current state of the dating game but one thing I am certain about is ALOTTA money & time gets wasted in investing into something 2 people thought they had and then less than a year later they find out they’re miserable with eachother. 😂 Unless I’m just after the experience of dating(which I got enough of in Highschool), to me, I’d want no part in putting investments into much outside of my endeavors or giving opportunities to the less fortunate. Dating is something I can willingly look towards when my empire is built and I stand on top of most of what I set out to do when I turned 20😎🍹📈.

Without getting deeper into this, the overall point is that I’m focused on what I want out of life. I always say to each his own and I respect another persons decision to look for a partner early on but I’ve always found myself enjoying my freedom and independence to go after a dream. I’d say my mid to late 30s is probably where I might look for a partner but life always has a way with throwing curve balls at you so it could be sooner or later. Who Knows?

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