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The story with “Phantasm”

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So starting with the name:

You know, despite my cartoon character being a big chunk of my brand & him also based off of the series that I’m sure you all have heard of by now, the title I decided to give this song surprisingly didn’t come any of that at all😅. I was online one night searching for a few words to describe how I felt in this track, & what I saw that resonated with me the most was “phantasm”(feel free to search up its meaning).

All of what I’ve been chasing so far would seem unrealistic to some despite the many visions I’ve had mentally to push me. Something so unrealistic that would almost require me to have started out as someone who was already raised in the ent. industry or had those substantial resources up front to ensure those feats could be reached.

*Anyways on to the song itself:

It was one of those tracks I was able to write very quickly just from hearing the beat. I don’t know who else can relate but I’m sure there are people (especially other artists) that understand when I say I felt various emotions that spurred up inside of me. There was something about this beat(and I’ve felt this on multiple occasions already of course) that had me writing out what I felt about where I was headed in my life, & how driven I was to reach that final destination, along with how I’ve had to let go of some things to ensure I got there.

You’ll likely see this said from me more than once, but one of the biggest quotes that I live by (and I live by many but this is a big one for me) is “one thing we are all racing against is time”.

I won’t speak for others but if there’s anything that I have learned about myself over the years, it’s that my biggest fear is not living up to my fullest potential that I am capable of where my passions are concerned. This fear has allowed me to create some things that I can look back & be proud of & at the same time be aware that this only came from serious focus on my craft. This mentality is something I plan to touch on in much more detail on another post of mine so I won’t get too deep into it right now( I had to stop myself from making this longer than I wanted it to be😅).


But yeah, that’s pretty much the explanation, if I was to sum it all up, “Phantasm” is a single that displays my overall state of mind ever since I began chasing one of the goals of being among the most iconic if not the most iconic in the entertainment industry as a whole.... leading into my topmost endeavors(I’ve set some plans beyond that achievement as well but I’ll keep those to myself lol)

Hopefully you can enjoy it (the 21st single, “Phantasm”) as much as I did making it🥂

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