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To get to where I currently am

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

These past 2 years(especially the past few months) have definitely played a crucial part into getting close to where I envisioned myself to be from a foundational standpoint:


A person who had written down all of his emotions and feelings towards life in general within his music while telling his story...

A person who had developed his own website/platform that would showcase all of his passions and at a later date, (once successful) build a spot for his fanbase to interact w/ each-other...

A person who would teach himself softwares like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator, & premier pro, because he felt like in the event where certain doors wouldn’t open for him, he would create his own doors towards global success and open them himself.

& Overall, a person who was simply aiming towards developing into a strong-minded individual that was determined to express themself to the fullest and being regarded as undeniably the biggest, most iconic individual within the ent. industry.

At one time this seemed like a dream & nothing more, but as things can go, you figure out a lot of what you didn’t think you could 100% achieve in that huge plan you had. And although I am still miles away, I have a fire within me that continues to grow...making me believe in those visions increasingly more by day as I continue to manifest the smaller things.

& it all started with me taking that initial step forward and believing in my ability to get what I wanted from life, whether I knew exactly how I would do it or not.

The mindset of making my own doors (opportunities) eventually led to me into being able to sacrifice a lot of things I was used to in short term, to become a “jack of all trades”. Simply because of all of the things I felt was needed for my brand to get where I saw it and for me to have qualities I wanted as it’s foundation.

I knew that at my current stage in life, I wouldn’t be able to consistently pay others substantial amounts of money to do these things at the professional level I would be satisfied with.

Learning things like Some of the main Adobe softwares was the best decision I could’ve made but also a challenging one.

There were nights I would have to avoid hangouts with friends or family, simply because of an addictive mindset that I would obsess over to maximize my abilities. One that pushed me towards the day I could wake up and be my own professional photo editor, digital artist, & animator without having to stress about what I couldn’t afford. A skillset I would be able to tap into until I was situated to pay others who specialized in each area to do those particular jobs.

That independence mindset would roll over into my acting as well. In efforts to avoid myself running into a seemingly endless loop of getting submissions ignored due to me being “new” to acting and having no real professional footage, I got up, made relations with a small production company, and got some professional scene footage shot for myself while practicing my craft in that. And now I’m currently preparing to go into attack mode soon and start submitting for roles once more to book those auditions easier(“easier” is the key word here since nothing is guaranteed 100% of the time).

Overall, this independent mindset got me to where I am currently because I got tired of relying on other people and waiting on myself to always have the money to pay someone for something I could learn myself.

Of course, once I reach a certain level, I plan to have a well paid team that takes care of the things I currently do as I hold more of a supervisor role and pitch my sketches/ideas but that’s only when I am at that successful & wealthy point in life where it would be smarter to do so(& I am free to tackle bigger things towards my legacy).

The only drawback as of right now is that of course doing a lot more myself can be tedious at times but I know that it eventually pays off in the end. When I’m at a successful level where I am able to develop a huge team of people who specialize in those individual fields that I can pay to drastically speed up time frames and easily make up for any time I might of lost back when I was younger. I am currently 22 writing this so we’ll see where it takes me in the coming years. I’m confident it’ll take me farther than I would expect.

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