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Understanding “Buford Story”

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

This song is another one that I would say falls in the category of me focusing in on my drive to succeed, things I’ve sacrificed up until now(& no 🤡, not my soul), and how I plan to live once I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not only financially free, but also where I’ve achieved most of what I’ve set out to do originally.

With that being said, the singles I’ve released like Phantasm, King, Soulless, and this one here, Buford Story, are special pieces of music I wrote, to essentially give the listener a basic understanding of my overall state of mind these past 2 years and some of what led me to this development.

Although I will go into more details on this later, I will touch on the fact that these singles are what I like to view as “appetizers” before diving into a bigger triad project of mine that is currently ongoing and will be wrapped up soon. The “Two Face” EP trilogy. I’m Excited to explain the reasoning behind that name, and so on but just know that this EP trio I’ve mentioned (with one of them “Trust Issues” that was released last summer) goes into everything I’ve mentioned above and more. To give a deeper understanding...that’s all I’ll say on it for now though.

I guess you could call this an “era” for me that started last summer of 2020 where I’ve been releasing music with similar tones. This comes to thought when listening to the lyrics as of recent since there are a lot of things I have wanted to really Express but didn’t get that opportunity to really sit down and put my thoughts/feelings on paper. I plan on bringing this to a conclusion this summer of 2021 though, and move into a new headspace. Introducing new vibes and so on...Keep an eye out for the “Out Of Reach” EP, that is where the shift will happen & begin transitioning :).

Enjoy Buford story! 😉

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