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✯ About Kevin Lewis, Aka KF22 ✯

Kevin Lewis, also known as KF22 (Kfresh), is a spearheading Digital Artist, Musical Artist, Fashion Model, and Actor whose sole mission is to raise the bar within the ever-evolving entertainment industry. He has an extensive professional background and passion for his multidisciplinary career and leverages his innovative, artistic mind to develop compelling content that will leave all audiences wanting more.


Growing up with parents who instilled commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic within him at a young age, Kevin learned early on the true meaning behind always putting your best foot forward. Throughout his childhood, he and his sister would continuously be reinforced to be better and do better both in and outside of school, and this rooted mindset became the catalyst for his inventory of accomplishments to date. Kfresh began his journey at age 17 with a keen ardency towards modeling and acting.


Kfresh dived deep into modeling and acting best practices, proactively utilizing adobe after effects, premiere pro, illustrator and photoshop processes to become the best version of himself in this field that he could be. He even took it upon himself to invest in a small production company to both practice in a real-life production setting and build his portfolio. While partaking in this, it did not take long for his passion to branch into music as well by the age of 18, especially after being exposed to new experiences during his time in college. He enjoyed how music was a superior expressional outlet, and the concept of being able to transform and manipulate harmonic tones into his own unique blend is what inspired him to pursue this in conjunction with his fashion modeling and acting. Though he started with using just a mic and sock in his room, he later discovered a professional studio, and his reputation only skyrocketed from there. 


Fast forward to today, Kevin has a robust entertainment resume, is still evolving in his diverse skills, and has recently begun expanding even more by taking on the mission to master digital art. This particular entertainment sector interest emerged about two years ago with the creative influence of long-discontinued cartoon series called Danny Phantom, to which Kfresh developed his own original character, "Kaiden," based on the show. Now hyper-focusing on digital art specifically, Kfresh is exceling in this skill to unearth more creative freedom and find authentic ways he can incorporate his mascot character in the future across all of his focused professions. 


Overall, nothing makes KF22 happier than being able to make the world a better, fun, and more enlightened place through his entertainment dedications. From modeling, songwriting, to acting, every effort he does paints an incredible picture that he hopes to inevitably provoke uplifting emotional influences and invested attraction, all of which has led and will lead to more prominent success and exponential growth. In the end, K’s powerful voice and ambiance have already made a profound mark within the entertainment industry, making it exciting to see what he will launch next. 

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