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Kaiden is the official counterpart character of Kevin(With both also being known as “Kfresh”) who resides within a universe that some may find familiar from the art style alone. With a life in his world Similar to Kevin’s life in entertainment, he has shown to have ghost powers alongside some unique lightning-like abilities! Sharing the same Birthday as Kevin, he rocks his birthstone (an Opal) as a special pendant on a chain, this is no regular stone as it also gives him the ability to tap into an more unstable variant of his already impressive lightning-ghost abilities!

With My Team.JPG



The Opal Stone

When Kaiden first received his supernatural abilities in an unlikely event, he is unable to control them as they are too much for him to handle. Making it significantly easier for him to do more harm than good. As he learns to control those powers, he uses a special stone (that is also his birthstone) to control the majority of his seemingly limitless strength. By touching & having some focus, he is able to bring out some or all of his power.


In his True Form that is currently unstable but later learned to be controlled, he is seen with an enhanced look & a random looping flash of different whitened colors on his logo.



Watch how his story continues to develop by day, including the other things he has to offer in the same spaces as Kevin: Fashion, Music, & many other lanes!

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