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Kevin Lewis, also known as Kfresh, is a spearheading Digital Artist, Musical Artist, Fashion Model, and Actor whose sole mission is to raise the bar within the ever-evolving entertainment industry. He has an extensive professional background and passion for his multidisciplinary career and leverages his innovative, artistic mind to develop compelling content that will leave all audiences wanting more.



Overall, nothing makes Kfresh happier than being able to make the world a better, fun, and more enlightened place through his entertainment dedications. From songwriting, to digital art, every effort he does paints an incredible picture that he hopes to inevitably provoke uplifting emotional influences and invested attraction, all of which has led and will lead to more prominent success and exponential growth. In the end, K’s powerful voice and ambiance have already made a profound mark within the entertainment industry, making it exciting to see what he will launch next. 

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