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What made Danny Phantom one of my favorites

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The show itself was, to put it simply, so unique to me. A superhero with ghost powers, yeah these “powers” have been showcased in a similar fashion in Marvel or Some anime shows, and so on but the overall aesthetics & what came with it was one of the qualities this show had that kept me coming back.

It’s a shame that the show was cut short, I definitely feel like it could’ve been expanded on in a similar fashion that the Kim Possible Disney Channel series took on after two of one of the most popular characters finally expressed their feelings for each other. Hell, if I get the opportunity I’d definitely push to get the show back on air, & seeing that most of the ones who grew up watching it are older it’s likely that the age range group could be altered and catered towards those OG fans more often than not , basically middle to older aged teens and above. Pg13 I guess.

Whenever I’m asked the question of what superpowers I’d have if I could chose I would say it would be a fusion of the same ghost powers Danny had with the powers of a sayain like Goku from the Anime DBZ...(with the ability to go Ultra instinct of course lol)

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