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The Future of KfreshTV

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What I envision for KFTV in the future is mainly hosting things that pertain to IFS regardless of how big it would become alongside content pertaining to Kaiden(The character). Of course my music, and content related to that would still get posted on there as well.

In some hypothetical scenario where the DP series was brought back and continued close to where it left ( & was upped in age group targeting), I’d definitely be a first taker for hosting that on the YT channel or website on KFworld or both. Even if that route wasn’t taken, my team could definitely put together shorts of the character and how his life would be in this world of Danny phantom...almost like a spin off without actually putting him in and only making reference to him. I’m certain fans would love that as well .

But yeah the future of KFTV from where I see it is developing the things I’ve already showcased into bigger things and hosting it on platforms (or my own platform) it would be found on .

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