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(Artwork) The story behind: Human Nature & True Colors

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So the story on HN picks up from Phantasm. Kaiden or “Kfresh” (whichever name you’d rather call him) has been invited to an exclusive party that makes headlines since both the girl & KF are of high status (explaining the cameras, fans, etc.). KF not being in any mood to go, later decides to attend after this unknown girl convinces him. Arriving at the party he is met by a female & after they pose for some shots, they head inside.

KF was led into the ballroom with the girl.

Little does KF know, the invite was a well organized trap and an ambush. The others in side the palace have been shown to be possessed individuals who are set out on making KF one of them & bringing harm to him.

The Female who shows to have supernatural abilities herself, is revealed to be the one who leads these possessed individuals. The same girl who leads him into the palace and invited him there making it seem like it was something else..

What was her intentions beyond possessing these people? Who knows...

Leading into “True Colors” KF is able to fight his way out with some difficulty and defeats the leader of the ambush.

The aftermath shows home standing with a mask in his hand and a destroyed structure in the distance behind him on fire. Implying that he had won the fight.

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