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Balancing the creative/easily Inspired Mindset

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

A blessing & a curse is what some would call it 😅

For me, it has mostly consisted of writing down what comes to mind whenever I feel like I’ve found inspiration from something (which comes a lot) whenever I’m out or surfing the net, etc. and finding certain times to just lay and let my mind wander while playing some music. They’ll be moments where I’ll just get up and start writing down crazy ideas with some of those (I feel like) being innovative as hell.

I think writing things down is always a game changer, especially living in a digital aged world now that tries to do things immediately or lives in the moment. Because although those things are great, I always make an effort to remind myself that some of these crazy visions I’d love and give a lot to manifest it right this moment, are actually meant to be manifested later in my life once I’m more developed and in control of a big enough team (and budget lol) to expand on these ideas I wrote down months back or potentially years back, when I didn’t have the assets at that current point in time.

I’ve found this method of thinking for me, super beneficial and actually keeping me more motivated than ever, since it allows my brain to understand that every single thing I write down is something that will manifest itself but you need to set up a long term game plan to ensure you get to the point where you’re able to do it. This comes with daily reminders of things I’d like to accomplish and making sure I keep those visions fresh in order for me to make the hard working efforts daily to manifest it in time.

I’ve grown to believe that someone with a lot of money (or access to a lot of it) and a creative/innovative mind whether it’s in entertainment or business or anything of that matter, is a dangerously good combination.

I think we’ve seen perfect examples of this from musical artists like Lil nas X, Drake, Travis Scott and many others extending outside of just music like Musk, or Bezos. And when you’re able to translate that creativity into the business world as well, to me, (and it’s never about the money but it takes money to make more of it) it puts you on the exponential increased path towards that billionaire status & beyond.

Having to experience the creative geniuses like Jay Z, or Musk, or Bezos, or Kanye West in my lifetime I’ve seen this happen time & time again. It all starts from now though. I’m excited to see where this all goes, because believe me, if I haven’t shown it up to now, I’m confident that if money wasn’t an issue, I wouldn’t be focused on the perks of being rich(buying the best cars, jewelry, biggest houses, while those are nice to enjoy occasionally), but rather keeping my focus towards the opportunities I have to impact the world & beyond with entertaining/iconic content that lives on forever and can be developed into something even greater!

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