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I had to be my own biggest fan (& still is)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When I think about someone who was dedicated to their craft to a point of obsession, I can now be sure that I fell into that category.

From setting daily todo lists and incorporating it with a workout routine (4-5 times a week) and work schedule, along with other things like a social life (that had to be limited for obvious reasons), my life was and still does revolve around my passions and what I find my purpose in.

At some points, I’d feel like I would run out of things to do on the daily to work towards my first goal: being full time into my craft and “financially free”.

But that feeling didn’t last long once certain skills came into fruition. Which was learning Adobe software, as well as digital art and animation which allowed me to do a plethora of things for myself and take the burden away of having to pay for the many pieces of content I wanted to put out until I was financially stable enough to do so with ease.

Essentially, I saw all the things a big artist or celeb would have (from a branding standpoint) and did many of those things that I knew I could realistically do myself all while chasing that exponential growth (to get my foot into the industry as a big name) at the same time. And for the things that I couldn’t do(or didn’t have the time to fit in my schedule), I’d pay the ones I trusted whether it was on Fiverr or elsewhere to get those jobs done!

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