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I would rarely find myself in trouble as I was always focused on my work + self improvement

I feel like it would be a lot more difficult finding myself in trouble these days(not that I was ever a trouble maker to begin with which is always great). With the years I’ve spent growing my business, skillsets, mental health/peace, productive habits, etc., I have without a doubt, set up a nice foundation towards a significantly easier future. I’ve never felt more ready to take on the next chapter of my life. Nevertheless at the same time, watching others and learning from there own mistakes, has been an important thing for me to study and take note of solutions for my future. These would decrease the likelihood of the same outcome for myself.

In the HipHop community for example, it’s very unfortunate that it has almost become the norm for multiple rappers to be killed in a few months. It’s crazy to me. And although my primary genres of music fall into HipHop and pop, I’ll tend to stay away (especially in my more recent music) from any violent or “street talk” some may call it, not only because I never grew up in that environment ( I shouldn’t talk about I live I haven’t lived), but because of what comes with it. Despite this, people (generally speaking) can still be crazy so I am definitely ensuring that I have the appropriate security present for whatever I may be doing if I am in the position to do so.

Another big one is social media and friend groups, as I would always ensure I have unbiased professional advisor(s) in those areas. This would include using my own judgment to ensure most choices I am making in regards to music/business are the best ones.

I’ve grown to be a big advocate for having a team (carefully picked of course).

When you have people who understand your vision and share similar passions it it can easily be what pushes you and the businesses forward. Making sure your team is taken care of and treated properly is important too.

All in all these are a few things I would make sure to have in place as my wealth grows, not only to increase my likelihood towards more success(and longer lifespan lol) but to bring a great team together, give some great jobs, and build something that continues to inspire and encourage greater mindsets!

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