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Taking a year off

A question I was asked:

Seeing how much more money you’d be making now after graduation, Do you regret taking a year & a half off of college to focus on your business, Music, and passions?

Hell no. Look, when I think back to when I mentally made that decision, I knew the risk that was involved:

1.Potentially getting kicked out of your parents house with no real sufficient source of income,

2.failing at the attempt of significantly changing your life (financially) with passive income from your passions(exactly what I did)

3.deciding to quit school altogether and find another alternative source of income to invest into my brand/passions, and many others(which for some people actually is the better decision)

But despite these risks, as an entrepreneur, a RISK taker, people who are typically passionate about their craft, personally, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to let that feeling of “what if” go had I not taken the “leap” and tried. To see what I could do if I gave a majority of my efforts.

And like the game goes, some people win, and some people lose(& learn), and I most definitely learned a lot while developing my mindset a ton! I did so many things on a daily basis with limited sleep, I questioned many times if I was losing it. Now, as some might know, I’ve gone into detail with part of this already so the bottom line here is that I don’t regret anything, because it got me to where I am today.

In some alternate universe where I decided to stick it through college and be in a position today to better invest in myself, perhaps I would’ve missed out on key aspects of what makes my brand, music, etc. more unique. Struggles are a key part of growth at times.

Having understood that I took that risk, I am now still very much putting my business first but I am also dedicating the time that is needed to graduate with exceptional grades for that diploma. Why? Not much for the piece of paper I receive, but more so for the increased skillset i am finding for myself in business…on top of the fact that re-implementing school as a full time student and entrepreneur into my busy schedule is an enjoyable challenge. It has kept me on my toes and has further pushed another gear of focus I always knew I had.

Increased Organization is a plus(which probably deserves a video in itself) as well as my ideas for content(in my craft) continuing to roll in. I love it. Yes, of course I dislike school and definitely don’t enjoy some of these classes but I’ve found a way to work through it while keeping the vision of where I see myself at even within the lowest level of my definition of success. And of course their are still valuable skills I have found my myself picking up through classes as well

I haven’t lost track of my original goals, I and would never change em but as you move through life and mature mentally, your drive to win allows you to see other paths you can take towards the same goal. I guess that’s what I’m doing now. My time is still on the way, but until then I shall continue developing myself mentally/physically, developing the Kfresh Brand, and of course developing my Spanish and Korean! :)

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