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My Mindset(More in Depth) Pt 1/2

Updated: Oct 5, 2021


Going through Highschool I would say my mindset started showing flashes of what it currently is as far back as Freshman year. As already mentioned, I grew up with parents that pushed a driven mentality to ensure we gave our best in most of what we did. And although that wouldn’t always show in my grades for school, the things that I was interested in at the time like basketball, track, and…video games (lol) was when I began to develop that same mentality I have today. To use, maximize, & exceed my full potential.

& like me, you’ve probably heard the, “if you would just put the effort you put into *insert something not related education * in your schoolwork, you would have straight A’s every time.” And… while that is probably true, it was clear there were things that I found more interesting @ the time.

I’d say I viewed school as more of a thing I was putting some sort of effort towards because I simply learned the value of at the very least, having an education to secure a job, & at a minimum, live a “normal” life…Well at least after completing college that is. To me, Highschool was something that could get you into those good habits that you could implement in college to make your experience in classes easier, but outside of getting your degree, a lot of things in HS that I learned are definitely not stuff I use today. From an educational standpoint.

That being said, I’ve grown more thankful of pushing though those days as I wouldn’t have been able to create the things I have and maximize my potential in my passions, had I not gone through it while starting to find myself in the process. Which is partly why I am able to live with no regrets.

Throughout my 2nd half of HS I found a love for fashion modeling and the industry after being invited to a modeling competition my sister was in. That competition was definitely a key moment to introduce me into the Ent. Industry as I later found a liking for acting, and later, music in college.

If there’s anything that fell consistent in all of these things, especially prior to finding myself & what I wanted my brand to be, was that I constantly chased the status of merely “making it” in just one of those things. Believing that all I needed was to make it in one and I could build my rep further in the others. Not caring how I made it.

This obsession from my junior HS life into Freshman college life translated into constantly applying for as many modeling agencies I could find in LA, ATL, NYC, and even other random places, and globally. Constantly auditioning, applying for roles, paying for classes, writing down many different songs, & recording them with a snowball Walmart mic(at the time) and posting to SoundCloud. Missing out on a number of things simply because of that obsession to simply make it, constantly feeling like I was running out of time, which to an extent could be a fair reasoning but not to a point where your inner peace becomes unstable.(especially when you start to overthink things like you could die at any moment or doors open & close (which again is true but shouldn’t be taken to extreme seriousness) etc.) .

& don’t get me wrong, that obsession is still a thing, but its definitely put to better use and controlled, seeing that I eventually hit a point where I stopped caring about making it in a certain time frame. That point hit me after my freshman year of College. Where I transitioned my mindset into finding my interests, looking at what I (and many others) were tired of seeing the same of within entertainment and how I could attempt to not only fill that hole with something new but create something that would inspire a “new generation” that I paved the way for. & maintaining that top position of leadership without having to do too much eventually, seeing I would have a huge community and team of people who ran the brand while I played that “overseer” manager role.

College life at Georgia State introduced me to a lot of new things (as it does for most) but it also opened my mind to how far I still had to go in my endeavors. Which is what makes me thankful for finding music and a way to express my emotions through it, and not only writing them down. Because if there’s anything that I would want at a minimum when I am on my last breath, it would be that I left a complete understanding of who I was and what I was going after if God forbid, I fall short with any of my final goals. Being misunderstood is one thing, but I would be at peace to at least know that anyone who was genuinely curious to know me, my story, etc. would be able to find it with ease on my website, or socials, & so on. & I’m nearing that goal at a minimum level within the next few weeks, which is a great feeling to have.

But I digress, that obsession I had was able to be transferred into something more productive after I found myself and how I wanted to express it through what I had a passion for, which was:

The industry of fashion, film(whether it’s related to movies, or fashion, etc.), music, and general content creation through a video game or cereal or artwork I could create with my brand “Kfresh” & “KFK” sitting as the foundation for those things.

I focused less on just “making it” and more on why I not only deserved to but what I could bring to the table in my truest self that wouldn’t only get me a seat but would put me among the best if not being the best for centuries. The biggest, and most iconic individual within entertainment from a general standpoint. Someone who didn’t have exceptional outstanding talent in anything specific in entertainment but used his ability to create and learned to become a top tier individual who understood all it took to get that particular title and rival until passing up the best in the game.

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