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The 3 phases of my Ent. Career: A roadmap I set for myself (Around) January 2018

Phase 1: Finding Myself

I started by Taking the time to really try & experience some new things, re-live some past moments, like re-watching the shows I grew up with(which lead into how I got my idea for Kaiden from a particular show we all know about by now) , playing some of my favorite video games I enjoyed(The Mario Rpg & Kart series, Sonic, 2k15/18, & Assassin’s Creed to name a few), going to various college parties, Messing with some girls here & there, & so on.

Really… Just enjoying life for a bit while I was in school and just getting into music professionally while chasing a model/acting career. After about a year later I figured out a good idea of what I wanted my brand to be, represent, and how it would stand out as it’s own authentic thing.

Phase 2: Setting The Foundation

Phase two was essentially that “recluse” stage, where I would spend a lot of time in isolation to focus on what needed to be built as the foundational stuff with the essentials and all of that for a solid & unique brand. Basically doing all of the things a label/entertainment company that signs you to them would do for someone who was completely new to the game and had nothing but some potential with no real brand and professionalism to it in order to bring the masses in and have them take you seriously (knowing you were legit)

The tricky part here was the constant battle between believing I was ready for the next step/“phase” and taking my time to ensure that I had created enough general content, details for my website, and other small things ( that included music/ent. blog write ups, small collabs, & mini projects) that would put me in a place where I was undeniably ready to push what I created to the fullest.

I was always aware that I could’ve easily skipped over some steps and just focus on “making it”. But I was also aware of the risk of not reaching my true potential if I was to be in the limelight prematurely & people are would come to offer all sorts of hard to turn down deals (with a lot of potential money or fame involved) that would make it easy to jump into that “fast life”before I was ready.

To summarize, I wanted to be at a place where my brand was well structured and understood enough to be put in front of millions and billions. & I wanted that foundational stage to be something developed that I created on my own before expanding alongside a powerful team.

Don’t get me wrong though, while I was on this process of building the foundation, I was still promoting the things that I put out, whether it was photos, amateur(at the time) artwork, films/skits, etc., but I hadn’t hit that point where I would devote the majority of my attention towards advertising my stuff and paying for Facebook/Google/Snapchat ads, placements, shout outs, that kinda stuff. Essentially I was mostly relying on organic reach.

It helped here and there but not enough to really change my life drastically. A point where I’m supporting myself off of doing what I love.

Phase 3: Advertising/Monetizing my business & name

The part I’ve recently hopped on about a month and a half ago as of Nov 15th, 2021.

This one’s pretty straightforward…just getting my name out there more and focusing my budgets towards that.

Of course I’m still creating new content too(and with the various skillsets I’ve taught myself along the way that process is significantly easier than before when I used to pay for most things to be done).

But yeah, I have no doubts that I can monetize this in time and it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult seeing that I’ve done the groundwork (the right way) to allow a much easier, faster, and smoother audience/fan conversion. There are a lot of people on this planet, and I’ve seen a lot of people who have made it happen on a small scale and large scale doing far less than I have, so I have no doubt in the inevitable success I’ll find as I’ve learned time is undefeated when you’ve invested yours properly.

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