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Understanding my drive to Manifest

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I won’t lie, there are moments when I’ll ask myself exactly how much do I really plan to do myself until I feel I would likely need more than just my own work to start making faster progress.

& As I’ve been on this journey, I’ve learned big things relevant to this post, 1 of them being everything eventually comes to an end. & the 2nd, to respect certain things that some people who are now celebrities (or among the elite) would say they had to do on their own before finding that exponential growth in their success & hitting the point where they felt , they would need more than just themselves to thrive at that next level of their careers.

It’s crazy to think how far I’ve been able to get and teach myself the skills I’ve felt I would need to have in the event 98% of the doors I wanted to open towards super stardom didn’t open for me. The more I’ve taught myself, the more I look to and seek inspiration from musical artists, or actors, etc, that attained that skill of being a “jack of all trades”. The ones that weren’t just good in one or 2 things but was killing it in multiple categories seemingly with ease.

Up to now, I’ve learned how to professionally use Adobe softwares like Photoshop, illustrator, After Effects, & premier pro, to develop my photos, music, and Character Kaiden. With animation being the next road block I plan to tackle, I feel like I’m slowly dialing into where I’d find myself in a position to create whatever I’d like whenever.

All stemming from the decision to take more control of my life a little more and making myself just that much more interesting once I attain that superstar level.

I’ve never believed in the “self made” title but I definitely get what some people mean when they say it, implying that they damn near did everything themselves before attaining the status that would no longer require them to do most of the things they had to grind with themselves. Now they’re more of a supervisor over their team...A Boss...the “top dog”.

A lot of times striving towards being as close to “self made” as you can be when going into success, can actually set you up for far more successful opportunities down the road of your life(personal opinion). Simply because those useful skills you’re teaching yourself will allow you to be more involved in the content you instruct your team to develop, giving you more control into what it is you’re wanting to create. It also helps you learn more since you’ll likely be working with the professionals in whatever category you are dealing with at that time, so you’ll always see opportunities for you to learn from them while applying your own insights.

& of course to make sure you along with what you represent is truly ready after you get that opportunity to shine off of a viral moment. A lot of times you’ll see people come and go out of this industry for whatever reason, but the biggest one being, they weren’t ready for it mentally, physically, or both. :)

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